PCa18: Participants look for practical and key insights

14 September 2018

The 2nd EAU Update on Prostate Cancer (PCa18), which opened today in Milan, has attracted participants from across Europe and beyond, and their background is as diverse as their goals in attending the two-day update meeting.

Dr. Lukaz Iwanicki, from Minden, Germany, has specialised in urology for the last six years and with his responsibilities that include paediatric and functional urology, he misses and is looking for updates on onco-urology, particularly prostate cancer which he considers a crucial area in urology. He talked about his motivation and first impressions about PCa18.

Q. What motivated you to attend the PCa18 Meeting?

Iwanicki: Today there are so many studies and trials that it is so hard to get the information on your own. That is why I chose this meeting where you can get the information directly from the experts. In a small group discussion, you can also discuss the situation or issues on the basis of the actual patient’s cases. Like today I can pick up practical things I can use in daily practice.

Q. What is to you a key take-home message that you have heard so far?

Iwanicki: The key message for me is that it is not too important to diagnose the patient, but it is very important to give him the advice. For example, should he undergo the diagnosis and what are the possibilities? And addressing the problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment is also an issue. Also in the news (media), we diagnose too many prostate cancer cases and not all of them need to be interpreted. That is why it is important how we can advise the patient.

Q. Would you recommend this meeting to your colleagues?

Iwanicki: It’s really a good meeting and the format is well done since you can meet a lot of speakers from many countries, and specialists from other medical disciplines. There are also participants from countries such as France and beyond Europe which leads to a very diverse sharing of viewpoints.